Lullaby Evo X

He rose from the dead, roaming through the valley of the hills, he still survives to prove once more where their nature is. On Bags. Luis from New Jersey was constantly worried about his car bumper being damaged. He was already lowered on Coilovers with Teins. A very good kit, how ever because of the North East Coast roads are not clean as it is in the south his static low ride was unconfortable, bouncy and annoying. He told us he had issues going in his drive way and just didn’t want to drive the car no more. So he reached out to us and we gave him the best of the best in Air Struts. Once the kit was installed we fine tuned it so there was still performance and comfort. Non the less Luis you will be happy now with your ride and back on the road as it should be, a daily driven Evo X.

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