Airtekks new Slim Bellow

Hello air society,
We have officially launched the first every SLIM BELLOW BAGS. That’s right, it means for those who have to use sleeve bags in the front of their car, because of upper control arms and can’t get that quality ride. We have solved that problem for you. Our Slim bellows bags are patent pending and have the utmost quality ride, specifically because it’s a bellow bag. Unlike sleeve bags, although great, but lets face it, you need more bag pressure in order to get that lift and if you don’t have that 200psi system then your not going to get it. Well with bellow bags don’t need that, less pressure better ride. So we have designed a slim bellow bag. So that it can clear the upper control arm up front or if for those who have crazy heavy sound systems in the trunk and those sleeve bags can’t handle. Our slim bellows will get the job done. Safe and precise. With an amazing ride and a great collapse. You will get a 3-4 drop if that’s what you are worried about? and you will get that lift. Don’t be fooled of the size, it will come up nicely. The price for each bag you are looking at $225.00 for inquiries call us at 631-274-1319 or email us at

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