Blu-Tec (New)

BluTec Kit
This is one of our latest kit in the market. For what it’s worth it does more and offers a faster response then any of our other kits.
This kit comes with a Stainless steel tank and dual compressors from Viair (444c)
The kit also comes with a hand held remote that controls each individual air bag allowing you to do front back side to side.
The kit also comes with a dual gauge for bag reading and also an air manifold to disburst air to each bag.
Installation Level ( Easy)



We would like to welcome our newest kit. “The BluTec”. This is one of our favorite kits right now. This particular kit is fast in dumping and raising. But not bouncy like other brands. All of our kits come with a 36 way damper system. With a 1 year warranty on struts and bags and 1 year with Viair on the compressors. Below are the details.


1 x AirManifold with acutators
1 x Hand held controller( Front, Back, Side to Side)
2 x Viair Compressors 400C (Relays)
1 x Stainless steel Tank
4 x Airtekk Struts and bags
1 x air line kit
1 x 200amp circuit breaker
1 x Power Block
1 x power wire 2 gauge
1 x 200 psi pressure switch
1 x Hardwood Plank