Pearl Kit

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Product Introduction

Pearl Kit
Like the Executive kit  in the fact that you don’t have to do any cutting or finding a location for switches or gauges in the interior of the car.Everything is controlled with a Wireless remote the size of a viper alarm module. Has a 4 preset memory ride height. 1 is the lowest 4 is the highest and 2 and 3 what ever you want it to be. But only this time you can control each back independently.
Comes with a single compressor and a stainless steel tank. It includes 4 struts and bags
Installation diffuculty level ( Easy)

  ●    With this system, it’s able to adjust the ride height of the  four suspensions individually. Each air bag has its own pressure value which enables to advance the performance of handling.

 This is a complete kit with the most excellent dampening setting to match up properties of pneumatic springs in order to increase the vehicle’s stability, unlike other brands come with non adjustable shock absorbers which cause the vehicle to be bouncy and unstable during cornering. Besides, modifying upper mounts, cutting car body or welding the OEM shock to the vehicle are not required when installing our products.

  Not only is this system allowed to change air pressure, but you can also adjust the maximum and minimum ride height freely to match up a body kit to get the desired ride height, which is one of our products features that other brands do not have.

   This product includes a full set of shock absorbers. It is at your option to replace air bags with 4 x coil springs to make a full set of shock absorbers once an air management system is not fitted. (PS. The high performance shock absorbers supplied with this kit are dampening and ride height adjustable).

   This system is designed for easy bolt-on so it is not required to work with the O.E.M shock absorbers.

   This system is 36-level dampening adjustable, ride height adjustable, and includes upper mounts in the fronts and rears. The McPherson strut comes with pillow ball top mounts which have ability to adjust the camber degree.

   The top mounts that we have on air suspension will be based on our standard setting.

   This system comes with a high-pressure, mute and rotational speed compressor from a famous brand called AZ. The speed of pumping the airbag is the fastest in the world. It takes only 3.5 minutes for 2 compressors to pump a 20L tank 0~200psi. Unlike other brands plates make such a loud noise, each compressor comes with 4 snubbers and high-tech silencers to decrease noise suppression.

    Also, a tire pressure gauge can be connected to the air tank to fill your tires; the air pressure in the tank is sufficient for the tire pressure gauge.

   A pneumatic tool can be connected to the air tank as well to clean the exterior of your vehicle, the air pressure in the air tank is sufficient for the pneumatic tool.  

   You can adjust the ride height with such ease while in the car. The ride height can be adjusted all the time to reach your desired height depending on the load of your vehicle.

   A pressure gauge supplied with this kit shows the vehicle ride height. Adjusting the vehicle ride height is allowed when the vehicle is in motion.

   The adjustment range of ride height is between 0 – 120/200mm. (based on different applications)

    The speed of lowering and raising vehicle ride height is 2-5 seconds only.

  This kit comes with 8 x solenoid valves and 1 x remote control which allow you to adjust the ride height while in or out of the car.

   OLED wireless memory remote control can display the air tank and 4 front/rear pressure value. It will automatically modify the value while driving.

    There is no complex wire setting; Fast installation within 2 hours.

    This kit comes with two remote controls, one is with OLED and full function and the other is with simple version.

   The additional function for this system is to display, show-off or hookup.

   The high performance shock absorbers supplied with 36 levels of adjustable dampening, and the dampening is set up specifically for better sport handling.

    Available for 4 ride height memories.

   No need to install pressure gauge and switch and can protect the car interior design.

    Warning signal for deficient tank pressure on remote control.

    Memory for engine start and automatically orient ride height on remote control.

    Wire setting easy for installation and only need to connect the affirmative and negative electricity.

    All parts are collected in the monitor box so you won’t see messy wires and parts.

    One touch function. Simply by one press, you can adjust to your ride height. (In previous version, you need to press the buttons for a long time and will cause bad connections.)

    Power save device (sleeping mode)

    Battery change unnecessary (charged by USB).

    Function setting for speeding and exhausting.

    Lovely design, lightweight volume, tank, remote control monitor and integral motor.



Shock absorbers, compressor, and air bag have one year limited warranty.


We authorize a well-known brand’s OEM factory to manufacture the electric control box and remote control. It’s been through testing around 6 months, we are confident with the quality, but if there is any break-down for the parts, customer must send back to Airtekk for repairing. (It’s a common warranty for all electric products). After inspecting, if the break down is caused by flooded or throwing down heavily, it won’t be under warranty.

This system includes:

  5 GALLANT AIR TANK, 1/4 PORT X 3, 3/8 PORT × 2






  30M 1/4 AIR LINE × 1



  100A FUSE × 1 , FUSE BOX × 1




     DAMPENING × 4

  AIR BAG × 4


  Super Professional (4-wheel independent) remote

     control monitor × 1